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Examples of Mine Land Reclamation Successes

Modern mining companies actively reclaim disturbed lands during mining and after closure. The cost of reclamation is built into the mining cost. Abandoned and orphaned mined lands require funding from other sources. Sometimes a mining company will reclaim abandoned sites that are adjacent to their operating mines. See the Summit documents for more information on these issues.

Hundreds of stories of reclamation successes can be found that demonstrate the good that can be accomplished with enough funding, resources, and motivation. The links cover reclamation done by active mining companies as well as projects that have been completed by organizations such as Trout Unlimited.

Trout Unlimited - some Western sites Trout Unlimited has worked on. See A Collaborative Approach to Mine Reclamation slides from the conference.

Mine Reclamation stories from the Minerals Education Coalition.

Mine Reclamation Images - Images of land after it has been mined.

Flambeau Mine. The Flambeau Mine, located along the shores of the Flambeau River near Ladysmith, Wisconsin, operated from 1993 to 1997 and was reclaimed by 1999. As the first mine to earn permits and operate under Wisconsin’s stringent modern mining laws, the Flambeau Mine met the highest mining, exploration and reclamation standards.

Hydroponic farm plans to grow on reclaimed mine site in eastern Kentucky.

Ideas about what to do with mined lands:



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