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Good Samaritan Protection to Enhance
Abandoned Mine Land Cleanup
- Finding a Path Forward

The goal of the conference was to identify necessary liability protection from applicable environmental laws that advance closure and remediation of the identified pilot/demonstration projects.
The Full Program

The conference was held at the Colorado School of Mines in April 26, 2018. The conference was jointly sponsored by the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America, Colorado School of Mines, and Trout Unlimited.

Summaries of Presentations, Breakout Sessions

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Executive Summary - Brief description of the talks and breakout sessions.

Report Body - Summaries of the talks, including comments and questions from participants.

Appendix A - Session Discussions and Questions

Appendix B - Terminology and Definitions

Appendix C - Summit Participants

Appendix D - Speaker, Facilitator and Committee Bios

Shared Legacy - AML Summit Background Paper

Breakout Session Spreadsheet - all the detail and compilation of the breakout session results

Speaker Powerpoints

Questionnaire Responses - Questionnaires were handed to conference participants and 18 were collected at the time. Later a request for answering the questions on-line was sent to all participants. Seventeen additional responses were received.

NOTE: The focus of the conference and the AML efforts is on orphaned and abandoned hard-rock mining conditions. Coal mine reclamation of AML is funded through a tax on each ton of coal mined. Work on abandoned hard rock mines has been done by volunteers and donations. A purpose of the conference is to identify ways to continue improvement of AML conditions on a broader scale with protection for those doing the work.


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