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The First MMSA Gold Medal Presentation was to Herbert and Lou Hoover for their contributions to mining literature. They translated De Re Metallica from Latin to English.

See the Original Program signed by Herbert and Lou Hoover.

Andy Hoover, Herbert Hoover's grandson acquired a copy of the program and allowed MMSA to scan it. The original is in the Herbert Hoover library in West Branch Iowa.

The Mining and Metallurgical Society of America periodically awards a Gold Medal to individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry.  The first gold metal was awarded in 1914 with a total of 37 metals being awarded through 2019.  The Gold Medal is awarded

“for conspicuous professional or public service for the advancement of the science of Mining and Metallurgy, or of Economic Geology; for the betterment of the conditions under which these industries are carried on, for the protection of mine investors, and especially for the better protection of the health and safety of workmen in the mines and metallurgical establishments.”

MMSA Gold Medalists

Award Year




Schafer presenting Gold Medal to Lassonde

Bob Schafer, Chair of the MMSA Gold Medal Committee, presents the Gold Medal to Pierre Lassonde. February 25, 2019

Pierre Lassonde was awarded the 2019 MMSA Gold Medal for his leadership serving as a mining executive for a major mining company, as a founder of the largest natural resources royalty company, a mining financier, and a business innovator. He is also notable for his philanthropic contributions to education, health and social services.


Thomas Falkie Receiving MMSA Gold Medal

Michael Blois presents the MMSA Gold Medal to Thomas V Falkie

Thomas V Falkie was awarded the 2018 MMSA Gold Medal in recognition of a lifetime of contributions to the mining industry through education, industry management, and government service.

Tom Falkie Bio from his acceptance into the National Mining Hall of Fame, 2017.

2015 David L Kanagy
David L Kanagy with Mark Jorgensen

David L Kanagy was awarded the 2015 MMSA Gold Medal for outstanding leadership that has advanced the global collaboration of technical information, networking and professional development for mining professionals and enhanced public education about mining and minerals

Mark Jorgensen Introduction

David Kanagy Text of Acceptance Speech

Jon Price
Jonathan G Price
Jonathan G Price was awarded the 2013 MMSA Gold Medal for significant contributions to the science of economic geology in the minerals industry, academia, and government.  His dedication to public outreach has improved our understanding and appreciation of the vital role played by mining and minerals in Nevada and the United States.
Text of Acceptance Speech
Stan Dempsey
Stanley Dempsey

Stanley Dempsey was awarded the 2011 MMSA Gold Medal for “Raising the bar for achievement in the mineral industry, for his career long effort to promote the mineral industry in the public and governmental arenas, and for his exhibiting a strong ethical standard in all his business dealings”
Text of Acceptance Speech

Roshan Bhappu
Roshan Bhappu
Roshan Bhappu was awarded the 2010 MMSA Gold Medal “For conspicuous professional and public service for the advancement of the sciences of Mining and Metallurgy, and/or of Economic Geology; for the betterment of the conditions under which these industries are carried on, for the protection of mine investors, and especially for the better protection of the health and safety of workmen in the mines and metallurgical establishments.”
Dorothy Gallagher
Dorothy Gallagher
Dorothy Gallagher was awarded the 2009 MMSA Gold Medal for “For exemplary dedication as a stalwart supporter of the mining industry and mining education through her efforts to maintain and invigorate the mining program at the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering as well as vocational education programs in the Nevada community college system.”

Tom O'Neil

Tom O'Neil was awarded the MMSA Gold Medal during the Centennial Celebration Dinner “For a lifetime of dedication across multiple aspects of the mining industry, exemplified by excellence in academia, executive leadership in base metals and iron ore mining, and support of professional mining associations.”

Glen Barton

Glen Barton, retired chairman of Caterpillar Inc., was awarded the MMSA Gold Medal during the Annual Meeting Dinner. In making the award, outgoing MMSA President Bob Schafer, commented that Glen is the first person from the equipment side of the mining business to be nominated for the Gold Medal. More

Donald* and Mary* Hausen

Donald and Mary Hausen were awarded the MMSA Gold Medal "For their significant humanitarian efforts, which have contributed meaningfully in making a positive impact of mining on society." More


Leonard Harris

Leonard Harris was awarded the MMSA Gold Medal for his many achievements as a metallurgist, a manager and most importantly as a humanitarian. His standards in professionalism, integrity and honesty have raised the bar of excellence for those who will follow. More


David Lowell

Many accomplishments as a preeminent world class geologist, while maintaining an impeccable reputation as a gentleman of the highest ethical standard. More


Alberto Benavides

Making a positive impact on the mining industry, academia and community relations in Peru.


Milton H. Ward*

Major accomplishments and dedicated service to the mining industry, and his active participation in educational efforts related to the industry


Harry Frederick Oppenheimer*

For protecting mine investors, and especially for the better protection of the health and safety of workmen in the mines and metallurgical establishments


Sir Alistair Frame*

Leadership in development, financing and operation of world-class mines and related industrial enterprises on behalf of RTZ


Simon Strauss*

His role as an international spokesman on mineral trade and economics and his ability to interpret these subjects to the general public


Dr. Charles F. Fogarty*

Constructively encouraging the younger generation to enter the minerals industry, and his inspirational leadership which led to several major minerals discoveries and the emergence of Texasgulf as a broadly diversified natural resource company


Ian McGregor*

Meritorious service to the mining industry in the U.S. and abroad; international recognition, particularly in the U.K. and Australia, and for being a driving force in developing AMAX into a world class mining company


Plato Malozemoff*

Leadership and financial skills in developing mineral prospects into great mining enterprises consistent with national interests and a deep sense of social responsibilities.


Thayer Lindsley*

Applying encyclopedic geologic knowledge, the judicious use of modern technology, and enthusiasm which stimulated others, resulting in the discovery and development of many valuable mineral deposits throughout the world


John Fairfield Thompson*

Outstanding contributions to original research, developing new metal uses, and guiding a great metallurgical enterprise


Donald M. Liddell*

Unusual contribution to the art and research of non-ferrous metallurgy


Louis S. Cates*

Distinguished service in mining and related industrial activities


Cornelius F. Kelley*

Distinguished services in expanding and stabilizing the mining industry


Charles A. Banks*

Application of aerial transportation to the development of remote mining operations


Daniel Cowan Jackling*

Unusual services in the development of low-grade ores


Frederick Gardner Cottrell*

Developed method to precipitate particles from smoke

1922 Robert Peele* Literature of mining


Charles Warren Goodale*

Increasing the safety of mining and metallurgical operations


E.A. Chappelen Smith*

Art of hydro-metallurgy


Charles Eugene Schneider*

Metallurgy of iron and steel


Pope Yeatman*

Administration of mines


Edward Payson Mathewson*

Art of non-ferrous metallurgy


James Furman Kemp*

Advancement in economic geology


Robert Hallowell Richards*

Advancements in the art of ore dressing


Herbert and Lou Hoover*

Contributions to mining literature

* Deceased


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