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To Endorsers: Please fill in this form as completely as possible using your own first-hand knowledge of the applicant. Your confidential answers provide the MMSA Membership and QP Committees with information about the applicant's professional and ethical reputation.

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    • Enter number of years you have known the candidate.
    • Past Relationships:
    • Present Relationship:
    • Do you have knowledge of the professional and ethical reputation of the applicant in his/her professional and business community? Yes No
    • What is his/her reputation?
    • Do you personally agree with that reputation? Yes No
      If No, please explain.


REQUIREMENTS: To qualify for Regular or QP membership, a candidate shall have had ten (10) years of practical or professional experience, including five years in positions of responsibility in geology, mining, metallurgical, or allied lines of work. For Regular membership, the holding of a degree from an accredited engineering or technical college or university may be accepted at the discretion of the committee in lieu of four of the above ten years.

    • Do you know that the candidate has been engaged in professional work as required by the by-laws.  Know Do not know
    • Do you know that the candidate has held positions of responsibility as required by the by-laws.  Know Do not know


REQUIREMENTS: The constitution requires that the Society shall comprise members who must be qualified by knowledge, experience, and honorable standing to advance the objectives of the Society.

    • Have you had business or other professional dealings with the applicant?
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      If not, would you willingly have future dealings?
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      Comments -
    • Are you aware of any business or professional activities by the applicant that you would consider to be questionable or unethical?
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    • Do you agree that the character and personal reputation of the candidate qualify him/her for admission to MMSA? 
      Yes No 
    • Do you agree that the professional reputation and experience of the candidate qualify him/her for admission to MMSA? 
      Yes No
    • If you do not agree that the character, personal and professional reputation, and experience qualify the candidate for admission to MMSA, please explain.


The candidate has applied for QP status, please comment on his/her capabilities in the category(ies) applied for, as well as the person's suitability for regular membership.

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