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RedarrowMining Law Hearing in Senate - Oct 5, 2021

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RedarrowToxic Legacy of the Mining Law of 1872.


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Organizations and the work they are doing to support the mining industry.

Visit the MMSA Mining Facts Web Site
The site targets Capitol Hill Staff to provide information about the mining industry and how regulations and bills in Congress affect the mining industry. The site also links to other organizations that track actions important to mining. Feedback from members is always welcome.


Dedicated to: promoting and improving understanding and appreciation of the role of the U.S. Mining Industry 
Focus: mining, minerals and their uses, related environmental issues and government policies. 

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Who is MMSA
Who Is MMSA?

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  • Professional Organization Focused on Fundamental Principles and Issues Facing The Minerals Industry
  • Members are Engaged Industry Leaders Representing All Facets of the Minerals Industry
    Flexible Organization Able to Respond Quickly to Opportunities to Support and Promote the Industry
  • Dedicated to Supporting Regulatory and Public Awareness through Webinars, Seminars and other Advisory Activities
  • Active Collaboration with other Minerals Industry Organizations

Information about MMSA Membership and How to Apply.

MMSA has two member categories -
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A Presentation  by MMSA Past President, Bob Schafer, about Qualified Professionals and what MMSA is doing to certify members.

Statement of Ethics

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The following documents explain the CPD program for Qualified Professional (QP) members. (09/25/19)

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To order Medallions, order from the MMSA shopping cart or send an email to: stating how many you want.

Centennial Gala Dinner 2008

MMSA History Book
A History of 100 years of MMSA. Download by clicking the link above. Paper copies are no longer available.
(2016 Revision)

The MMSA History DVD can be sent on request.
We still have a few copies left.
You can also view the DVD on the MMSA YouTube page.

Events and News

Recycling Fact Sheet

Mining is always necessary!

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Long-term Supply of Critical Minerals Affected by Permitting Delays
May 6, 2022

Presented by Virginia Mclemore and Sam Ballingrud.
Q&A - Mclemore Slides - Ballingrud Slides- Video

Environment, Social, Government (ESG) for Mining.
This is a series of panel discussions on these topics.

ESG#5 - ESG 101 for Investors Coming soon.

The following recent Webinars are completed and the videos are posted.

Abandoned Mine Lands - Building Trust & Taking Action

April 6-7, 2022
Videos, Slides

See Past AML conference reports.

ESG#4 - March 18, 2022. 1pm MT
The E in ESG: There is no S or G without the E. Early, effective and encompassing environmental characterization and management.

Videos, Slides

Watch for more Webinars coming soon!


COPPER has public health benefits. The Women's Mining Coalition has prepared a white paper with information about the antimicrobial properties of Copper and advocating for more domestic production.

Amy Jacobsen, MMSA President, asks members to help with developing other white papers about important minerals.

GAO Report on Abandoned Hardrock Mines

See Report here


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